Saturday, March 19, 2016

What Is Nikon Up To?

I was thinking about the rumored Mirror-Less (ML) that Nikon is supposed to be introducing, by the end of this year.  The following is sheer speculation by me that I would like to share with you. There have been rumors that Fujifilm will introduce a Medium-Format (MF) ML camera soon. However, Fujifilm seems to have discarded the idea.  On the other hand, the rumors about Nikon coming out with a “Larger Sensor” ML camera are getting stronger.  What does Nikon mean by “Larger Sensor”?  I really do not know.  I can only speculate that they coming out with a MF-ML camera, which is very smart, imho.

Sony has the market for the Full-Frame (FF) ML cameras and Fuji the DX ML cameras.  Nikon might go after the MF-ML cameras market at a reasonable price, just like Sony with FF and Fuji with DX.

MF-ML Camera (Generic Photo)
With the introduction of an MF-ML camera,  Nikon might also introduce a new mount, for example the “M-Mount” for their probable line of new MF lenses.  However, they might be, at the same time, coming out with a fully functional converter for the F-Mount to the M-Mount.  By doing this, the present F-Mount lens owners will continue to have their F-Mount lens compatible with a probable new MF-ML camera.

Let us say that the new MF cameras has 60MP (40mmX53mm) sensor.  An FX (24mmX36mm) lens will only be able to comprehend a smaller sensor area and it would be the equivalent to ~ 24MP (my estimate) and a DX lens (23.6mmX15.6mm)  would be ~ 10.5MP (my estimate.Therefore, an FX lens owner would continue to shoot at the present resolution (a FF 24MP sensor as with D750, for example) with the added advantage of getting, little by little, the new MF lenses.   In this way, everyone would be very happy, especially Nikon that would be making out like bandits.  Again, this is sheer speculation on my part; I have no facts or information, whatsoever.  However, it makes the most sense.  On the other hand, we are talking about Nikon.  Who knows what they have up their sleeves, I they have anything at all.

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