Saturday, March 19, 2016

Las Vegas

Paris Las Vegas Hotel
I got back from my 5-day Las Vegas trip last Tuesday night.  We stayed at the Paris - Las Vegas, which was a fantastic hotel of my taste and budget.  The more expensive and extremely nice ones like the Bellagio and Venetian, for example, are too expensively stylish. The Paris was more homey like being in the district of Montmartre in Paris. Having said that, it was very expensive. The buffets ranged from $27 for breakfast to $35 for dinner.  It has very nice shops, I cannot afford to buy from and also very nice restaurants I cannot afford to dine at.There was nothing for less than almost $10.  For example, two bottled soft drinks ~ $9 or one bottled soft drink and 4 tylenols.

I played the Video Poker Machines (Jacks or Better - Progressive) for 4 straight nights, a couple of hours each night.  I started with $80 and finished, after hitting a straight flush, with $81.25.  I can say that I won because after four nights, I broke even.  However, I won't.  What was the purpose of it all?  What about all those hours spent at gambling instead of taking photographs? I did not risk much - $80 or 25¢ a hand to win very little or nothing.  I broke even, because I hit a straight flush before quitting for good.

If I'm going to spent that much time gambling, I would like to play for the trip and a bit more, like $4,000.  However, to win that type of money I have to risk ~ $1,000 and play $5 a hand, something I'm not willing to do.  Rather than risk $1,000, I rather get a new lens or camera. In other words, in my list of priorities, real gambling is not a very high one.

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