Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Olga Scheps

I just learned about Olga Scheps when I saw her recital of Chopin’s first Piano Concerto on Youtube. I was taken aback at her piano prowess and physical beauty. Unfortunately, her recordings are not distributed in the United States.

Olga Scheps is a young pianist with extraordinary powers of expression, Olga has been enchanting audiences throughout Europe for several years – she is 35.  Olga has performed either solo recitals or as concerto soloist with orchestras throughout Germany where she lives and throughout Europe.

Olga’s repertoire is a balanced combination of the very familiar and the seldom performed, and she brings to everything she plays a deeply considered emotional sensitivity to the impulses that drive the music.  Although it is clear that she has the technical prowess and sheer muscle to pull off the grandest effects called for in the many masterpieces in her repertoire, it is the beautiful clarity of her approach to playing the piano and her attention to subtle details of expression which I find most remarkable. Actually, Olga Scheps does not play the piano; she is the piano.

The only thing I wish her to play Beethoven's third and fifth piano concertos and some more Mozart piano music. The following are links to her performances:

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