Saturday, April 30, 2016

IR Photography

Nikon D5500
Health problems behind me for now, I'm concentrating in learning how to take Infrared photographs with my newly acquired Nikon D5500 (IR) camera. It is not that simple of a process until you get the hang of it. The following is what I believe is the best process.  I could use Nikon Capture ND-X, but I believe, at this time, that using Lightroom (LR) will provide me with the best workflow:

WhiBal 18% ©ray Card
1. I take my photos in NEF Raw files.
2. Take a test photo with the gray 18% card.
3. Import the photos to Lightroom in DNG format.
4. Open DNG Profile Editor
5. Adjust the WB with the test photo 18% gray card.
6. Adjust the temperature and tint sliders in the DNG Profile Editor from the Color Matrice tab.
7. Export the new camera calibration preset.
8. In Lightroom, make the needed adjustments from the Develop Module.
9. Take the adjusted photo to Photoshop CC, where I have many plugins that I can use. Among them are Nik Collection Define 2 and Viveza 2.
10. I then use Aurora HDR and Viveza 2, if needed.
11. The final step is to use Nik Collection Silver Efex 2.
LightDow 18% Gray Card
This is the workflow that I will use, at this time, to see how successful is.  I might have to modify it, if I'm not satisfied with the results. Let's see what happens.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Cataract Surgery

I have not been active recently because among many things I had an endoscopy, colonoscopy, and cataract surgery of my right eye.  The endoscopy went fine, but I have to repeat the colonoscopy, which means having to drink the galloon of that horrible solution again!

The cataract surgery seems to be have gone well but too early to tell.  When I was 12,  I got kicked in the right eye playing soccer.  I fancied myself as being the next goalie revelation.  My career was cut short. As a result, I had very limited vision in my right eye. I decide to replace the damaged lens with a new one.  The optic nerve seems to be fine.  Maybe, I can regain some of my vision in the eye.  I really hope so.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Under the Weather

I have not been able to post lately for a very good reason.  I spent around 7 days in the hospital. My sore under my left foot got worse.  So much so, it became a small hole. Finally, last Friday, I went to the emergency room and they kept me in the Hospital for 7 days. I had developed a septic infection  I also had minor surgery of the plant of my left foot to clean inside the wound and drain the pus.  Everything went very well.  I've been home the last two days, but resting and sleeping most of the time