Saturday, October 26, 2019

Donald J. Trump

Some of my thoughts about President Donald Trump:

Is there anyone left in America that Donald Trump has not insulted, criticized, affronted, slighted, disrespected, offended, snubbed, belittled, disparaged, demeaned, rubbished, decried, derided, denigrated, ridiculed, dishonored, scorned, mocked, slated, slammed, denounced, chastised, degraded, reviled, spurned, rebuffed, despised, banned, or fired?  Yes: himself! 

In Trump’s newspeak language fake means truth and truth means fake.

Donald J. Trump tells his followers: “do not believe what you see and hear, believe me instead.” That is the mantra of not only dictators but also cult leaders.

Donald Trump is running our country like a conductor of a runaway train.

Donald Trump is as respectful of our democratic institutions as King Kong was of the Empire State Building. 

Trump is to the right of Ivan "The Terrible” and to the left of Attila "The Hun.”

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