Saturday, October 26, 2019

My A-Class Mercedes Benz

About six months ago, I watched on TV an advertisement of the new 2019 A-Class Mercedes. I want to see it and fell in love with it. Therefore, I decided to purchase it. It was the only Mercedes I could afford to get. The C-Class or the E-Class were beyond my budget. Regardless, it is fully loaded. The S-Class or even the Maybach (~ $180,000) come with more electronics.

I found my A-Class (Metallic Silver) with all the things I wanted at the Beverly Hills Mercedes Benz dealer. It was the only one in the Southern California area. My Mercedes is not only a sedan but also a very sporting looking one. Fully loaded with the 7-year warranty, 7-year maintenance, tax, and license it came to $51,000. The Merceds was always my dream car. I'm seventy-one. If I do not get it now, when am I going to get it? Therefore, I closed my eyes and went fo it. BTW, my Mercedes is fully paid.

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