Sunday, December 16, 2018

My Equipment for Sale

Nikon Z7 w/ ZTF Adapter
As I have posted in my previous two messages, I have purchased through PayPal the Nikon Z7 with the ZTF Adapter, the Z 24-70mm S, and the Z 35mm f/1.8 S lenses.  I have decided to put up for sale three cameras with its compliment of lenses to finance the above mentioned purchases and my future S lenses. I have six months to do it.
Fujifilm X-T2

I'm not only raising enough funds, but I have decided to "cleanup" my photo closet.  Not only do I have too many cameras, they also work completely different. I will keep only two cameras: the Leica Q and the Nikon Z7. In addition, I will also keep the Panasonic Lumix, the camera I keep in the trunk of my car.

The following is the equipment that I will put up for sale, shortly.The cameras messages are already done with all the accessories included.  All I need to do is to take the photos of not only the cameras and the accessories but also the photos of all the lenses for sale:

Nikon D5500 IR Converted

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