Sunday, December 23, 2018

Fathom Events

I just came from a performance of Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker" ballet, live from the Bolshoi Theater, presented by Fathom Events. It was spectacular, to say the least, not only the choreography but also the dancing specially from the main soloists. I wanted the performance to continue and continue...

Fathom Events  presents in theaters, around the world, live performances from different theaters and opera houses like the Metropolitan Opera in New York, the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, French National Theater in Paris, etc. I only go to the events in the category of Arts & Entertainment and primarily opera and ballet. 

One parting shot. We live in a two dimensional world of friends and foes, allies and adversaries.  When we watch performances live from Russia and see what ordinary Russians do with their lives, we come to an understanding that geopolitical and two dimensional views are only in the mind of politicians and TV's "talking heads." Ordinary people, in any country, only think about food, shelter, family, work, the economy, entertainment, etc.  We do not care about geopolitics or even think about it. Russians, Americans, English, Germans, Chinese, South Americans, Mexicans, etc are all the same and we only wish to live in peace.

I strongly recommend people to go to live performances presented by Fathom Events.  It is better than going to the actual theaters or opera houses.  We get to seat close to the gigantic screen and the sound is fantastic.  With the opera we get the subtitles in English and in between acts, in all the events, we see what is going backstage with interviews with the leading performers.  The price is $18, not the $200-1,000+ at the theaters.

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