Saturday, August 29, 2009

HDR Photography

I am beginning to look into HDR photography as a main medium. I have always been interested in HDR, but have never gotten around it. In order to pursue this interest, I just purchased the "Photomatix Pro" software, which seems to be the standard of the industry.

I have no idea, at this time, how far I will take HDR, how I'll use it, and what personal style I will develop. There is a wide range of HDR photos in the Internet. Some are very nice while others are very exaggerated to the point of being almost "gothic," imho. Therefore, I still do not know what middle ground would work best for me. Regardless, I feel that this is a very exciting new medium that will find its right course. For example, I remember when the stereo or quadraphonic sound was first introduced. The marketing strategy, at the time, was to have the sound go from one speaker to another, like placing the listener in the middle of a formula-1 raceway. However, that is not how people listen to music and it changed with time and so will HDR.

If I pursue this interest with certain vigor, I will post the tools, links, and sites to HDR photography. One further thought, this blog will turn its attention to photography knowhow instead of equipment - I have everything I need for the next three years or more. The only thing is camera upgrades, if mine develop an unacceptable level of "hot pixels."

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