Monday, June 22, 2009

New Blog Format

I just reformatted Hektor's Blog adopting the traditional one. The reason I chose the stretched version before was because I have a 24" wide-screen for the main PC and even though my laptop only has a 12.4" screen, it is also wide. When I saw the blog for the first time on a normal screen, I realized that the it had the wrong format; it does not work well for not wide-screens displays.

I do not have any illusions or delusions that people are going to flock to my blog; it is only the 10,000,001th one out there. My main use is as a very advanced Home Page and a place that I keep my notes organized instead of using software like "One Note." Therefore, I consider my tools and links to be extremely important.- they might be worth visiting the site once I get them going. Unfortunately due to the new format, I had to delete the messages with the F-Stops and Shutter Speeds tables; the new writing space is too narrow. Regardless, I will reintroduce them in a few days, with a new format.

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