Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My Vacation Plans

The following are my planned future vacations that I have reserved through 2021. I plan to go on a cruise at least once a year, from Los Angeles to Los Angeles. I do not want to travel by air anymore for many reasons. Therefore, my choices are limited. However, the principal thing is to go out to sea once a year.

Now that I found out I can rent a scooter due to my pacemaker, I will always rent one when cruising. It is the best thing to navigate the ship.  In addition, I will always get a cabin with a balcony

For May 2020, a 7-day cruise to the Mexican Riviera, from Los Angeles to Los Angeles on the "Carnival Panorama" The Panorama is the newest Carnival ship being made as we speak. It will enter service on November, 2019.  I got a very good price and a cabin with a balcony.

"Carnival Panorama"
For March 2021, a 7-day cruise of the California Coast Line on the "Royal Princess:"

"Royal Princess"
My future plans for 2022 and beyond are a cruise from Los Angeles to Los Angeles once a year, The choices that I have are:
  1. "Princess Cruises" to a 15-day cruise to Hawaii. This cruise will feature all 4 Hawaiian Islands plus Ensenada, Mexico, and 9-days at sea. 
  2. "Princess Cruises" a 10-day cruise to Mexico, Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, Loreto, Sea of Cortez, and Puerto Vallarta, from Los Angeles to Los Angeles. 
  3. "Princess Cruises" a 4-day cruise to Catalina Island and Ensenada.
  4. "Princess Cruises" a 14-day cruise to Alaska.
  5. "Princess Cruises" a 12-day cruise to Alaska.
  6. "Princess Cruises" a 5-day cruise to Cabo San Lucas.
  7. "Princess Cruises" 7-day Mexican Riviera - a repeat of the Carnival Panorama Mexican Riviera, but from a different cruise line although it is owned by Carnival.
  8. A 19-day cruise through the Panama Canal from Los Angeles to Los Angeles.  This is a great cruise since it crosses the canal twice - going and coming back.  However, it is a bit too long.
  9. There are 4-day cruises to Catalina and Ensenada by Carnival and 4-day cruises to Santa Barbara and Ensenada by Princess.
  10. Holland America, also owned by Carnival, has a very good 17-day cruise to Hawaii, once a year.  However, it is prohibitive in price. RCL does not have one, but NCL has a 7-day Mexican Riviera cruise, but I will never travel with them again. 
  11. After that and if there are no new cruises, I have to start the process again. Figure that at my age, I will not be able to start the process again.

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