Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Next Generation Digital Sensors

With the CMOS digital censor reaching, what I believe, its maximum potential, I was wondering what was the future of Digital Censors. I have read many articles about it, which I will post the links to them, below.

This is a very important topic for me because I need to know if I can continue to expend serious money in more lenses or I should start saving up for new technology cameras that are coming down the line.

Let me start with the differences between CMOS, CCD, and Foveon sensors. The following article is a bit dated (they all are,) but is is a good start. It is also written by Dalsa, one of the early developers of both censors: CCD vs CMOS.

What is the Foveon sensor all about? The following article is about the Foveon vs Beyer Sensors.

This article discusses the Sony 24.8 MP CMOS Sensor".

The following are a series of articles of what seems to be a very promising future: "Digital Camera Sensor Loves Low Lighting", "Future Digital Cameras Could Mimic Human Eye", "What's Next for Digital Cameras, and "Panasonic Next Generation MOS Censor".

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